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Kids birthday parties. Every suburban residents worst nightmare. A whole backyard packed full of screaming kids and annoying music. And if you didn't wanna look rude, you pretty much had to show up if your kid knew the other. But this party had one bright sport. Or two. And they tended to jiggle.

"How's everybody doing? Thank you for coming. You kids need some more juice?"

Fanny Fuller. Mother of the birthday boy. Or as she was secretly nicknamed, Fanny REALLY Fuller. Due to her famously round rear end, which was quite noticeable in the tight jeans she was wearing. She wasn't slacking up top either. Several husbands had already caught an elbow to the ribs from their wives, when they caught them ogling Fanny's impressive double D's bobbing in her tank top.

"Bullshit she's 32..."

As the kids partied, men drooled and wives glared, a sleazy looking guy in a cape and top-hat wandered into the backyard.

"Uh...I'm here for the party?"

He rather impressively managed to keep his eyes up as Fanny approached him, brushing her short brown hair back.

"Oh, welcome! You must be the Spectacular Fred! You look a little...different then you did in the advertisement."

He smoothed his comb-over down.

"Yeah, old picture. Also, my assistant skipped out. Would you mind helping me out? You just have to stand there and smile. Real simple gig."

She nodded in agreement, and the two stepped onto the tiny wooden stage.

"Hello, kiddies. I am The Spectacular Fred. And my lovely assistant for the day, Ms. Fuller. Let's start off with a simple card trick. Here I have a regular deck of cards. If my assistant would be so kind as to pick a card and shuffle the deck for me?"

Handing her the cards, she did as instructed. Focusing on her task just enough for Fred to discreetly move his hand to the middle of her back. She handed him the deck back.

"Thank you, Ms. Fuller. And if I did the trick correctly..."

He placed a hand on her shoulder. And yanked her unhooked bra off in one swift motion. And dwelling in the left cup...

"Is this your card?"

Indeed it was. The kids were to young and enraptured with the trick to even care what the adults were now staring at. Fanny's tank top wasn't the thickest of garments. She just thanked the lord it wasn't cold that day. Though her ample assets were now jiggling even worse then before.

"Very...impressive, Fred."

Trying to resist the urge to throttle him, and hoping her nipples weren't visible though her shirt, Fred tossed the bra aside and continued.

"And now, a very impressive slight of hand. Ms. Fuller, this wouldn't happen to be your wallet, would it?"

He held her wallet in hand, Fanny patting her pockets while trying to figure out how he did that. While she felt around, she swore something else was missing. He tossed it back to her.

"Please, open your wallet and see what is inside. Don't worry, I didn't take any cash."

Fanny opened her wallet. There was something in there. Something purple. Pulling it out, her face went red. It was a rather skimpy pair of panties. The very pair she had put on this morning.

"And now, my grand finale. I shall perform a disappearing act! Ms. Fuller, if you would kindly drag the curtain over."

Going along with it to keep the kids smiling, she dragged the wheeled curtain over.

"If my lovely assistant would stand here, while I draw the curtain closed..."

He closed it, waving his hands and muttering a few magic words.

"And now, the grand reveal!"

He flung the curtain open.


Fanny still stood there. But Fred had indeed made something vanish. Fanny stood buck naked in front of the entire party. Parents quickly rushed to cover their kids eyes, as Fanny slowly realized she had been exposed in front of her entire neighborhood. Shrieking, she quickly threw an arm over her gigantic ta-ta's, using her free hand to cover her lady zone, and the tattoo she had just above it. And to top things off...

"Um...I'm here for the party? I  took a wrong turn...'

The REAL Spectacular Fred and his assistant stood there. The other Fred glanced around, and quickly bowed.

"See ya!"

He bounded over the fence, a naked Fanny bolting past everyone to get inside. On the way there, she tripped over a toy one of the kids had dropped in the yard. Falling forward and reaching out to try and stop her fall. All she grabbed was the assistants dress, yanking it down to the ground and leaving the unlucky blonde standing there in nothing but her stockings, her ample c-cups jiggling as it was ripped down her chest. The laughing other mothers weren't laughing for long. Cause the kids found the whole situation hilarious.

"Get them!"

Kids bolted up from the tables, and before they knew what hit them, every other lady there had their pants and panties yanked down. Or in the case of the unlucky ones wearing dresses, had the whole thing ripped down. Exposed panties, bra, breasts, butts and more were everywhere. One of the many dads snapping pictures summed it up.

"Best kids party EVER."
Birthday Bedlam
It's the birthday of that maven of ENF stories and pics, :icongao23:. And what better way to mark the occasion, than with a birthday themed ENF fic. I hope you enjoy.
I actually changed my avatar. I figured after almost 6 years here, I could use a new one.


I like boobies.
United States
I am RandomRedneck1990. Redneck, pervert, general appreciator of good art. Though I'm not an artist myself. Farthest thing from it actually.

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