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Future Industries. CEO Asami Sato looked over charts on her desk, pleased with the impressive turnouts her production lines were churning out. Except...

“One again, line #4 is turning out low productivity. And claiming an employee is distracting them. I’m gonna have to figure out what’s going on down there. If there’s someone slacking down there, I won’t be afraid to let them go.”

Asami was still an engineer in addition to her business responsibilities. Which is why her employees didn’t blink at seeing their boss on the work floor. It was a common occurrence, really.

“Line #4. Let’s see what’s the Spirits...”

It was pretty easy to see what the distraction was. Working the line dutifully was a goddess with tan skin. The top half of her blue jumpsuit wrapped around her waist, giving anyone within eye-shot a view of her powerful back muscles hidden under her tank top.

“...Uh...ahem, employee? Can I speak with you, please?”

The woman turned around, lifting her welding mask up. Greeting Asami to a pair of wonderfully blue eyes. And those arms weren’t making focus any easier.

“Oh, Ms. Sato. Pleasure to formally meet you. Name’s Korra, What can I do for you?”

Korra. That name rung in her ears.

“I...I mean...sorry, I think the heat of the floor is getting to me. I’ve been receiving reports that certain employees on this line are...well...distracted during work, I’m usually better at talking.”

Korra knew this situation too well.

“Yeah, yeah. All the guys on the line are either jealous that I’m in better shape than they’ll ever be, or can’t keep their eyes off my chest long enough to get any work done. I’ve had HR down here 4 times already.”

Asami gulped. She didn’t feel she was off to a great start here. She nodded as Korra continues talking.

“I’m from a cold region. So I’m not super comfortable in this heat. Ergo, I do what you see here.”

Korra gestured to the sleeves wrapped around her waist. And Asami had to mentally kick herself to stop staring at her abs.

“Is that all?”

Korra sighed.

“If it’ll really get more work done, I’ll stop-”

Not a chance.

“NO! ...I mean, um...”

She quickly composed herself.

“I’m not going to punish you for doing your job comfortably and efficiently. As for the rest of you...”

Every guy on the line went rigid in fear.

“You’re grown men, and Future Industries employees. I expect you to compose yourselves and do your jobs. Or next time HR comes down here, it’ll be to dock your pay for harassing Ms. Korra.”

Korra chuckled.

“Thanks, boss lady...say, you got any plan this Saturday?”

She did have some stuffy meeting across town. But she was the boss. She could cancel it if she wanted.

“No, I’m free that day. Are you asking me out?”

Korra nodded.

“I guess I am.”

Asami shook her hand.

“It’s a date...and wear something nice.”
Blue Jumpsuit Apparatus
Forgive the dated music reference as a title. Not my greatest talent. Anyway, it's the return of KorraSami. I hope you enjoy.
Norrisville High. The door to the NHGTTWDPC (Online Edition) swung open. And quickly slammed shut behind a very agitated looking Theresa Fowler.

“I  can’t take this anymore, Debbie!”

Face down on her desk, the sole member of the NHGTTWDPC (Online Edition) simply gave a huff of acknowledgement.

“All day with the teasing and the mocking. It’s driving me insane...hey, a little support here, please?”

Debbie glanced up from the desk.

“It’s my fault, really. I’m the one who started this whole thing.


“I can’t just tell him...right? That would be weird...right? Debbie?”

Debbie rolled her eyes, breaking attention from her pegboard on The Ninja.

“Just do something. I know we’re friends, but I’m not exactly amped to hear your latest ‘I have a crush on Randy’ talk. Just tell him you like him. Be confident. I mean, look at you.”

She gestured to all of her.

“You’re smart. You’re athletic. You’re pretty. You’re sweet...uh...ahem, right.”

Debbie quickly whirled back around to her pegboard, mostly to hide the red creeping into her cheeks.


“Your crush seems so obvious in hindsight. I can’t believe I didn’t catch on until that little ‘practice session’.

Debbie sat up in her chair.

“Yeah. I’m still glad you proposed it though.”


“You wanna use me as practice?”

Theresa was pleading with her.

“I know it sounds weird. But I’m telling you, this is gonna work. I practice on you where there’s no stress, and it’ll make it super easy to confess to Randy. Pretty please?”

Okay, be cool Debbie. Don’t panic.

“Fine. But just this once, okay? Go ahead.”

She gulped as quietly as possible.

“And...action. So...I’ve had a crush on you for like, the longest time.”

The fact that she was playing the pronoun game was not helping Debbie’s nerves.

“And I’ve been super afraid to admit it. But not anymore. I like you. Do you like me back?”

Debbie seemed to forget this was just practice.

“Yeah, I like you back.”

To Theresa’s surprise, Debbie leaned in and stole the girls first kiss.

“...Debbie? You have a crush on me?

Debbie finally came back to her senses, realizing what she’d just done.

“Oh, boy...”


“I always whined about not having any nerve, and you just take that kiss like that. I’m still impressed.”

Debbie couldn’t help but smile.

“...Impressed enough to give me one right now? After all, it’s been a rough day...”

Theresa chuckled and leaned across the desk, giving her reporter girlfriend a reassuring smooch.

“Yeah, that impressive.”


“Debbie, please wait! I wanna talk!”

Ever since the practice incident, Debbie had been avoiding Theresa.

“Come on, what did I do?”

Debbie exhaled, turning around but staring at the floor.

“I just...I don’t wanna make things weird. Don’t want you to think I’m weird. I mean, I was a complete shoob. I don’t want-”

Theresa flicked her in the forehead.

“The only shoobish thing you’ve done is ignore me. I wanted to tell you...well...I’m open to you having a crush on me.”

Debbie felt her heart skip a beat.

“You...what? Are you saying...”

Theresa kissed the stammering girl on the cheek.

“I’m saying I like you too.”

Now she was just confused.

“But what about Randy?”

She shrugged.

“Maybe someday. Maybe never. I don’t know if I’l ever tell him. But since we both like each other, it couldn’t hurt to give us a chance.”

Debbie actually jumped in celebration, throwing a hug around Theresa.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!”


“And with that greenlight, you became quite the amorous one. Not that I’m complaining of course. Well, not complaining until yesterday...”


Infatuated teenagers. Often overcome by those old raging hormones.

“Under the stairs in 5? Sweet cheese, she’s insatiable.”

Theresa hadn’t expected Debbie to be so affectionate. Or perverted. She had a hard time telling which sometimes.

“Psst, Debbie? You under here?”

Her answer came when a hand grabbed her by the arm, dragging her in for quite the intense makeout session. Which was an almost daily occurrence. Theresa broke off to take a much needed breath.

“Wow. Someone sure was starved for attention.”

Debbie smirked.

“Kiss now, talk later.”

The two were so busy, they didn’t hear the several snaps of a cameraphone behind them.


“And thanks to me not keeping it in my pants, we got Double Dipped. I didn’t even know that tubby shoob had a cameraphone. And of course his sister got a hold of it next...I made us into laughingstocks. I mean, Fang? That’s just my last name with an ‘F’!”

Theresa sat on the desk.

“Well, what do we do? Pretend it was a dare? Pretend it never happened? Say the Thursday mystery meat made us delirious?”

Debbie had another idea.

“I say we admit it.”

Debbie cut Theresa off before she could retort.

“Just hear me out. We’ve got nothing to be ashamed of. We both clearly like each other. So, we own up to it. Take their mockery and throw it back in their faces. The hype will fade. And we’ll just be two normal students again.”

Theresa chewed her bottom lip.

“But...what if it doesn’t work? What if they just make fun of us worse?”

Debbie pointed at her computer.

“Then I use my power as NHGTTWDPC (Online Edition) editor to dig up dirt on them. Heidi isn’t the only gossip game in town.”

Theresa grabbed her hand.

“...Fine. I trust you.”

Debbie kissed her hand, and proceeded to type up something.

“Debbie Kang and Theresa Fowler: The Mexican Death Baton couple of Norrisville high...”
Scooped And Shoobed
People ship Debbie Kang and Theresa Fowler. I wasn't interested, til I heard the ship name. MEXICAN DEATH BATON. Which is just too cool to pass up. First RC9GN fic. Hope you enjoy.
I actually changed my avatar. I figured after almost 6 years here, I could use a new one.


I like boobies.
United States
I am RandomRedneck1990. Redneck, pervert, general appreciator of good art. Though I'm not an artist myself. Farthest thing from it actually.

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