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“Man, that stuff looks tasty...”

A short girl practically drooled as she peered through the window of your run of the mill bridal shop.

“I bet none of these skinny sticks have ever seen a slice of cake, and they get it for free? Where’s my free cake?”

A weary sigh emanated from behind her.

“Amethyst, quit staring through the window before someone calls the cops...again. Or have you forgotten the ballet studio incident?”

Amethyst huffed.

“Hey, Pearl asked me to come watch. So the others thought I was a weird stalker for staring through the window. Big whoop.”

Her bespectacled girlfriend rolled her eyes.

“Yes, yes. Let’s get moving. It’s chilly out here and I’m hungry.”

Amethyst stepped away from the window, the gears turning in her head.

“You know, I bet they’d give out free samples to a cute young newlywed couple. Say a pretty dork and her awesome ‘fiance’. Eh, Peri?”

She shook her head.

“Oh, no. You’re not roping me into this scheme. I’ve still got a bruise from when we pretended to be roadies and sneaked backstage to see that band...”

Amethyst chuckled.

“That was a fun night. Speaking of fun nights, if you do this for me, when we get home tonight I’ll...”

She leaned in and whispered something in her ear. Peri’s face lit up like a lantern.

“Yeah. Three times, if you want. Do we have a deal?”

She quickly regained her composure, though the blush remained.

“Well...I suppose it wouldn’t hurt anything...and they do give it away for free..”

Amethyst grabbed her wrist and led the two inside.

“You think they’ll buy it? I mean, we’ve only been dating for 6 months. Oh, God. Why did I agree to this!?”

Amethyst sighed, and quickly applied a ‘Shut-up’ kiss to her panicking other.

“There. That seem convincing enough?”

Before she could stammer out an answer, Amethyst led them further in.

“Yo, suit lady! Me and this adorable geek here are getting hitched soon. And we wanna sample some cake!”

Just in case they still didn’t buy it, Amethyst swatted Peridot on the bum.


The proprietor still looked suspicious, but shrugged.

“Coming right up, ladies.”

As she shuffled off to acquire some samples, Amethyst laughed.

“Told you, ya big worry wart...ugh, this place is so frilly.”

It was Peridot’s turn to whisper something. And Amethyst’s turn to blush.

“Heh. I knew you liked the frilly ones.”

The next 10 minutes were spent stuffing their faces on some cake that would cost an arm and a leg if they had to pay.

“Good stuff. Gonna have to hit the gym to work it off tomorrow...Peri?”

She seemed a tad lost in thought.

“Say, Amethyst...I mean, I’m not trying to pressure”

She stared off at one of the wedding dresses. Amethyst followed her gaze.

“...Oh...well, I have thought about it. Once or twice. I mean, we do love each other. But...the ‘M’’s scary...”

Peridot grabbed her hand.

“It scares me, too. But that’s the good thing about it. We can be scared together.”

Amethyst sniffled, and gave Peri a playful punch in the arm.

“Maybe one day. Until then, let’s get home.”

As they hopped up, Peri snickered.

“Hey, Amethyst. Remember the frilly things?”

She nodded.

“I went without them today.”

She winked and strolled past her.

“...God, I love that nerd.”

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"The crowd is starting to gather. You think you're ready for the big show, Dash?"

Pulling her goggles down, Dash gave a typically confident huff.

"Just try and keep up, Grandma. Don't want the newbie to show you up."

The two playfully shoved each other as they emerged from the girls locker room.

"What do you say we give them a little preview before the show? Let the new girl and her superior show-off?"

Dash grinned, spreading her wings.

"Let's do it, Spits."

The two Bolts shot out into the arena, the arriving crowd pointing and fawning over the two as they hovered.

"Man, they show up fast. Well, let's do it."

The two launched into an impressive routine, entertaining the early arriving patrons.

"Wanna race, Dash?"

She didn't even have to answer. Dash took off like a lighting bolt around the track, Spitfire in hot pursuit. As the two raced to the amazement of the crowd, a panicked Fleetfoot ran out of the locker room, bumping into Soarin.

"Whoa, Fleet. Where's the fire?"

She held up her uniform.

"On Dash and Spitfire soon! These was some kind of mix-up with our equipment. All the girls uniforms were replaced with Nightmare Night costumes! Costumes! They can't handle a Wonderbolt performance!"

True to what she said, Dash and Spitfire barely noticed the smoke trialing behind them. They were too busy trying to outdo one another.

"Can't keep up, Spitfire?"

Dash poured on the afterburners, just edging ahead of her. That's when Spitfire noticed the smoke and embers.


The two finally hit just the right speed for ignition. In a flash of smoke and fire, their "uniforms" exploded into burning shreds, leaving a trail of destroyed cloth behind them. The explosion sent the two facefirst into the ground.

"Oh, man. What happened? Where did the...burning...AH!"

The two Bolts stood exposed in front of the sizable early crowd.

"Why does this always happen to me?"

Dash did her best to cover her undies. Bright blue, with little pink hearts. And a crotchbra to match. Spitfire was even worse off.

"Stop staring!"

The lead Bolt wore quite the daring undies. A black thong that showed off her firm buttocks, and a lacy black crotchbra.

"How could this get any worse?"

The answer came from some remaining embers in just the right spots. Specifically, 6 spots. On the backs of their bras and the sides of their panties. The bras went first, Dash petite blue teats being exposed to the crowd and cold air, her pretty bright blue nipples instantly growing erect from the air. Spitfire was quite more well endowed. Her sizable crotchtits jiggling as her bra fell off, exposing her darker golden nips. And just to complete the humiliation, the embers finished off their panties.


Dashes girly undies fell in tatters around her, while Spitfire's thong snapped off with an audible noise. Dash quickly covered her teats and private area, bolting off with Spitfire in hot pursuit, her blue ass shaking as the crowed howled in laughter.
Wardrobe Woes With Wonderbolts
I hear Dash is becoming an official Wonderbolt in season 6. Well, the gears started turning. And out came my newest (And first without Rarity) pony ENF fic.

I hope you enjoy.
I actually changed my avatar. I figured after almost 6 years here, I could use a new one.


I like boobies.
United States
I am RandomRedneck1990. Redneck, pervert, general appreciator of good art. Though I'm not an artist myself. Farthest thing from it actually.

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